WP7 ManSYS System Integration

The overall objective of this WP is to integrate the developments of WP2 (supply chain network), WP4 (design optimisation) and WP5 (quality assurance) in the ManSys software backbone. This WP brings all elements from WP2-5 together, and is therefore one of the core developments in the ManSys project.

Specific activity and outputs:

  • To implement an advanced user interface, which enables third parties to use the supply chain network, decision making tool and technical features of the ManSys system. The user interface must allow to upload design data, specific requirements concerning part and material quality and to give intelligent feedback to the user (e.g. buildability check).
  • Implementation of a decision making tool: to judge whether the part can be build with metal AM, to give feedback to the user for design adaptations etc.. Inputs for the tool are the design of the part and requirements from the user. This type of feedback makes co-evolution of products possible.
  • To develop the software framework for the supply chain management.