WP5 Quality Assurance

In Mansys, work package 5 will be focusing on Quality Management investigation and coordination. In the management of an on-demand additive manufacturing platform there is a clear need to develop a process specification which requires the monitoring and control of raw materials, and process parameters especially for highly regulated sectors, such as medical devices or aeronautical sector.

Moreover, there is a substantial need to implement a comprehensive QA system so as to ensure reproducibility and reliability of the whole process chain. Therefore, methodologies of work will be developed to ensure consistent materials supply, new batch sampling standards and measurement techniques specifically for AM products. This will lead to establishing of an effective ISO 9000-type quality management system with robust manufacturing flow paths and close networking with end users and subcontractors. The system will include in-process monitoring and control methodologies in order to give manufacturers greater confidence that specifications are being met, e.g. optical, thermal, acoustic, physical and chemical analysis.


  • Validation of AM industrial architecture concepts.
  • Evaluation criteria for demonstrators – QA/QC system specification through necessary steps and followed by Technology assessment criteria (material, testing, quality, etc.)

Monitoring of process parameters and feedback loop to compare process data to desired requirements and plan for needed counter actions