Objectives of ManSYS

One of the objectives of ManSYS is to organize a decision making tool for metal additive manufactuting parts. To decide when additive manufacturing can be used effectively, data needs to be available for designers/engineers (with no background/experience with AM) so that they make decisions about manufacturing.

This will result into a design support tool that could be brought into the CAD environment and increase effectiveness of the design process by access to information and ‘rules’ for AM and support decision making.

Additive manufacturing is a new manufacturing process and it will be presented as a solution for new product development and not replacing existing manufacturing workflows and designs. To use the full potential of the technology the project has selected demonstrators from three industrial areas (medical-trauma, dental and aerospace). The proposed e-supply chain solution will combine all aspects of additive manufacturing including: multiple build platforms (Laser and Electron-Beam technologies), modelling, post-processing (Machining, Finishing and Heat-Treatment) and 3D scanning techniques.