The aim of ManSYS

The aim of ManSYS is:

“A complete decision making system and robust supply chain management system for metal additive manufacturing; enabling the production and delivery of quality assured, highly customised products and services”.

There are three key elements to be developed:


  • Decision support software:
    software will enable the user to make key decisions on the production of the part early on in the development lifecycle. End users can decide whether 3D printing is applicable and/or what is required for adoption.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) System:
    This will enable end-users to obtain a detailed overview of the status of the part design, production, material supply, post-processing, shipping and inventory.
  • Facilitation of the Co-evolution of better or new products:
    As part of the system, the ManSYS software tool will allow members of the platform (including end-users/consumers) to suggest areas where processes and designs can be optimised. This data can then can be fed back into the decision making and supply chain management tool. Leading to the evolution of either better or new products.

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