Description of work packages

This work package will be responsible for the ManSYS architecture and the specification of different modules, supply chain sub-systems required to complete the additive manufacturing supply from and ultimately integrate the customer into the suppy chain.

This work package contributes to a European standard for Additive Manufacturing. Depending on the initial stage of development present, it is considered to prepare a background structure for a European Standard, a Technical Specification or a Technical report. The end users requirements will be used as input.

Work package 4 will analyse the target products/designs provided by the end users and look into their evolution/advancement using additive manufacturing.

In Mansys, work package 5 will be focusing on Quality Management investigation and coordination. In the management of an on-demand additive manufacturing platform there is a clear need to develop a process specification which requires the monitoring and control of raw materials, and process parameters especially for highly regulated sectors, such as medical devices or aeronautical sector.

Supply chains, and particularly global supply chains,are exposed to a large variety of risks, which can compromise the performance of suppliers and the supply chain as a whole. A failure of a supplier or subsystem results in a loss of supply or in the worst case in a total disruption of the supply chain.

The overall objective of this WP is to integrate the developments of WP2 (supply chain network), WP4 (design optimisation) and WP5 (quality assurance) in the ManSys software backbone. This WP brings all elements from WP2-5 together, and is therefore one of the core developments in the ManSys project.

System demonstration and validation work package is the last stop of our 3-year-journey and aims to announce that ManSYS is ready to fly through the new innovative worlds.

This work package will be led by Berenschot. They will liaise with the end users, to ensure early exploitation of the project results. A dissemination plan will be created selecting the dissemination activities and the calendar for the possible dissemination events involving congresses, fairs
and publications.