Twocare S.r.l. is a University of Turin-CNR (National Research Council) spin-off that produces proprietary oxide-based dental implants and provides customized products and services to the clinicians.

The core-expertise of Twocare S.r.l. in innovative implant bulk materials is due to the presence of academic and academic-trained researchers (PhD graduated) among our employees as well as to the strong relationships with prominent Research Centres of the field (ISTEC-CNR, the Molecular Biotechnology Center and the Dental School of the University of Turin).

Advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) are used to design and produce the different dental implants and an independent quality control system ensures the highest reliability of the products. The company mission is to expand the range of products in the biomaterial field and improve the premium services provided. This may only be achieved by starting international collaborations and partnerships that may implement the expertise, allowing a higher velocity in the realization of new developed products with higher quality.

Why participates Twocare in the ManSYS project?

As the company mission is to expand the range of products, it is really important for
Twocare to understand metal custom abutments for our own proprietary dental implants. The role of Twocare will be based on end user application activity giving the team all the information needed to develop the system ManSYS and then producing and testing the results making a comparison with old methods of production, both internal and other methods already used in the dental market.


Contact information
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