TNO, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, is an independent Research and Technology Organization (RTO).

TNO has a specific department of Additive Manufacturing, focusing on AM processes, materials and AM equipment manufacturing. TNO is leading the European Manufucture subplatform for Additive Manufacturing ( initiator of many European Additive Manufacutring roadmaps and research projects. Member of the ISO/TC 261 team on standardisation for Additive Manufacturing.

Frits Feenstra

Frits Feenstra MSc (Senior project manager) has a background in Physics and has successfully lead several international plus MEUR projects (Additive Manufacturing and printing related), member and coordinator of the European additive manufacturing platform ( RTD partner for the NL Topsector HTSM Printing roadmap team, partner in the Dutch High Tech Top project Printvalley, Member of the ISO/TC 261 team on standardisation for Additive Manufacturing, technology broker for AM. 20 years’ experience in materials and polymer processing, rapid/additive manufacturing/materials development (ceramics, polymers).

Guus Biemans

Guus Biemans (Senior Technical Expert) is active in and serves as a project engineer for national and international projects in the field of software for additive manufacturing as well as machine control systems, experience in control software, Ethercat modules. Particular skills in collaborative environment and related CAD systems, building (open source) systems (seamlessly) connecting the different CAD systems of e.g. wearable’s/clothing and electronics integration.

henk Buining

Henk Buining (BSc. Mechanical Engineering - Production Technology - Additive Manufacturing Engineer). Henk worked in different positions at the research institute TNO as a researcher, trainer, project manager and initiator of new projects.

He is specialized in:

  • Machine tools (accuracy, safety, standards, maintenance, quality assurance)
  • Machining technologies (high speed milling, tool management, shopfloor information systems, CAD/CAM)
  • Additive Manufacturing; Rapid Tooling; Rapid Prototyping (over 10 years of experience), Additive Manufacturing Standardisation expert

Henk has a strong connection to SME project partners, initiating new projects, organizing lectures and demonstrating innovative technologies.

Frits Verhoeven Leon Brouwers René Houben André Rijfers
Frits Verhoeven,
System engineer-
ing & MAIT

Leon Brouwers,
AM expert
René Houben,
Am expert and IP
André Rijfers,
AM expert

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