Poly-Shape company is expert in direct manufacturing. As a service provider we offer you beside different rapid prototyping technologies, several succeeding technics to professionally produce functional prototypes, small series or special parts.

Our machines have unique capabilities in Europe with their high productivity and excellent material properties. Poly-Shape is an innovative company specialized in the rapid manufacturing field.

We are cutting edge in innovative manufacturing technologies and offer unique solutions for fabrication of individualized products (mass customization).

Our potential covers parts for application in the following industries : automotive engineering, tooling, medical technology and aerospace.

Our company has obtained several innovation prizes such as the National Technological Innovation Price organised by the French Research Ministry in 2006 and we are involved in several national and international R&D projects with well-known partners.

Key personal

The managing director of Poly-Shape, Stephane Abed obtained a PhD in Polymer chemistry in 1999 at the P. and M. Curie University (Paris, France), From 2000 to 2007, he managed the department ofLaser applications at the Fraunhofer ILT CLFA (Evry, France). He has been the founder and CEO of the company Poly-Shape since 2007.

Stéphane Abed Rémi Allain
Stephane Abed Rémi Allain

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Company information
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