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C. State of the art review on complex geometries by SLM and EBM

The ManSYS 3D printing platform focusses in first instance on the production of high quality metal parts. 3D printing will especially be used for the production of parts that otherwise cannot be produced.

Although still in early steps, novel Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes are growing in expectations as enabling technology for manufacturing metal parts with higher added value. They provide many advantages in comparison with conventional processes. Some of the potential applications very hopeful, and therefore, considered in ManSYS, are those for manufacturing aircraft components and medical devices due to a higher potential payoff versus conventional manufacturing processes such as forging, casting or machining. But those markets are characterised by a legal framework for operating properly into them. Every part in those markets has to be certified according to the regulations established by the corresponding authorities. As AM is a novel technology, new certification concepts have to be defined which are required by the specific characteristics of the technology and the lack of experience.

Before certifying a part, it is required to qualify the manufacturing process that includes the use of technology as well as material processed by it.

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