The ManSYS project will deliver a number of break through developments in the area of 3D printing. To develop a working platform that supplies customers with high quality parts and product, a number of hurdles need to be overcome.

On one hand this refers to connecting existing technology in a seamless on line environment. For instance, scanning software, design software, drivers for 3D printing machines, information on the physical location of companies, cost indications of materials, etc. are all available already. But an integral platform, that combines information from all these sources, without human interfaces does not exist.

On the other hand, agreements, rules and regulations, quality and norms, and best practices in the area of 3D printing still need to be established.

While developing the ManSYS 3D printing platform we will realize a number of public deliverables, to boost the acceptance of 3D printing worldwide.

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Due dates of the ManSYS deliverables in quarters