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B. Outline of a quality system and standard for the certification of conformity

Enabling partners in the platform to negotiate and contract quickly and efficiently, requires clarity about the elements to agree upon and the tangible criteria to use per element.

Enterprise agility, defined as the ability to consistently detect and seize market opportunities with speed and surprise (Sambamurthy et al.  2003) is increasingly seen as an important factor for business success.  Additionally, the advances in IT in the last decade shows to have a great potential influence on the enterprise agility.  One may conclude that business success can be potentially determined by the enabling of IT in their enterprise.At the turn of the millennium, organizational changes have led to a new networked economy that is no longer driven by economics of scale, but by economics of networks (Shapiro and Varian 1999). There is a pressing need for a different perspective of IT-enabled enterprise agility, one that accounts for the new dynamics of business competition in the present networked economy (Iansiti and Levian 2004a).

ManSYS as an IT-enabling platform, has the potential to help large enterprises, as well as SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) that are active in the field of Additive Manufacturing (as a supplier or as a customer) to become more successful.

In order to do so, Work Package 2 (WP 2) is responsible for the ManSYS architecture and the specification of different modules, supply chain sub-systems required to complete the AM supply from and ultimately integrate the customer into the supply chain. The overall research, development methodology and demonstration activity for ManSYS will be specified within this WP 2. This will provide an overview of how the project objectives will be achieved and will prepare a more detailed Gantt chart that will set out the time-lines involved in the project.

The approach for the development of the ManSYS services has been defined, based on the end user requirements and definitions identified earlier in the project. Visibility and communication across the supply chain partners will allow automation of inter-organisational processes and then integrated planning (at the shop floor level), which will be the intelligent decision making tool for the required technology and then communicate required material and finally lead to lower inventory levels and better utilisation of the AM  machines.

In order to achieve this, an extensive use-case research is performed, showing in a detailed level how the supply chain management tool interacts between actors. Together with a proposal of the IT landscape, a basis is formed for the actual development of the IT infrastructure.   Subsequently, research is done how to ManSYS can be implemented. This includes an implementation methodology but also an elaboration on the ManSYS administration office. Additionally, a conceptual design is made of the decision making tool. This tool helps End-Users to decide on AM from a technical but also from a business perspective.


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